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Coleen’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 19 Feb 2011

Location: Laos to Bangkok, Thailand

MapToday is a day of planes, trains and automobiles -- well, to be more precise, planes, stretch limo, tuk tuks, train, bus and bullet boat.

We flew from Luang Prabang, Laos, back to Bangkok. Then from the airport to the train station in a stretch limo (otherwise known as a city bus, with just the two of us as passengers)

We spent some time at MBK (Bangkok's largest shopping centre), which has everything western, as well as Asian. A very interesting mix of cultures. We also toured Jim Thompson House Museum. He is the individual credited with the revival of the Thai silk industry.

Then we boarded the overnight train to Surat Thani, a bus to the ferry terminal, and then a bullet boat to Koh Samui (a beautiful island paradise).

We were met at the ferry by Tor, who is the caretaker at the private bungalow that we rented for the week. The pictures say it all. The bungalow is nestled between two exclusive resorts, but is very private and has its own beach.

A week of relaxation, reading, playing canasta (Terry finally tied Coleen) and sipping wine. It's heaven!!