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Elaine and Peter’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 20 Feb 2011

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapWe set off this morning in melting heat to explore- and really enjoyed the atmosphere-the weekend craft market in the Rocks was very interesting and designed to take as much money from you as it could; the street theatre was very entertaining; the walk round Circular Quay to the opera house was blistering. By late afternoon, it was heaving with people.
Later in the afternoon, our long lost cousin Andy cycled to the hotel from his home in Rose Bay-we spent a lovely couple of hours in a coffee bar near the Quay catching up on life. We were beginning to feel more at home.
We finished the day with a swim in the hotel pool and a quick nip into Mc Donalds for a snack! How the mighty are fallen, Mc Donalds indeed!