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Elaine and Peter’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 04 Aug 2011

Location: Beijing, China

MapWelcome back to our travel page.
We are again preparing for our next big adventure and are very excited.
Such a busy year..since New Zealand, we have taken the caravan down to Tuscany using the wonderful Camping Cheque Scheme. What a money saver this was!
In May and June we travelled down to Tuscany -first port of call was Bruges, we had forgotten how lovely this place was.
Next stop was 4 days at Buochs on Lake Lucerne where on our days of trekking, the weather was superb for clear views above the lake. Best climb was up to 6000 feet to the top of Mount Rigi-the panoramic view of the whole vista of the Alps was stunning, a perfect day.. although very hot and tiring.
And so onto Tuscany, to Camping Toscana at Montopoli, the perect place to relax or sight see. We took the train to Florence, drove to Sienna, San Gimignano, Vinci and Lucca. The highlight was probably the visit to the 5 villages of Cinque Terre, stunning villages perched on rocky outcrops on the coast. The 2 and a half weeks here were very full.
On the way back, we stayed at Sorico, at Lake Como-a pity about the iffy weather. Nevertheless, we managed to do some walking. We paid a return visit to the Splugen Pass and climbed up to the refuge only to find that it was closed early summer! The piping hot goulash amongst sweaty climbers was not to be that day!
We finished off the journey with a return visit to Buochs for a further 3 days of walking. The weather here was hot and sunny. We climbed to 6500 feet above Grindlewald for fabulous views amidst Alpine meadows brimming with an abundance of flowers. The thing we learned that day was never to solely trust the sat nav..
And so at home... (vaccinated like a pin cushion, ) where it's early August and we are preparing for a month in China with Wendy Wu's tour followed by a few days in Dubai to recover-apparently, it's recommended to spend a few days relaxing after the tour as we will see and learn so much whilst in China, we shall need a rest.
We hope to have access to a computer whilst we are away as it was lovely to be able to share our experiences as we were travelling. Nevertheless we will keep a paper diary and if need be will update this page on our return.
So keep watching this space!