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Elaine and Peter’s Travel Diary

Monday, 26 Sep 2011

Location: Guilin, China

MapWe set off back to Guilin this morning by bus. The area we passed through is very rural. The farmers here are quite rich building 3 storey houses. the lower floors are unoccupied and wait ready for the young men to return from the cities where they work and send money home. The farmers only now grow a little rice preferring the more profitable crops of fruit. There are 2 harvests of rice, once the first is over the fields are flooded and filled with fish until October when the new sedds are planted. The farming is all manual-this is why people prefer sons- women used to have scans when pregnant, if expecting a girl abortions were high-scans been banned the last few years.
On arrival back at Guilin, we went to the South China Pearl Company for a show and then the opportunity to buy-thre are always visits to shops-everywhere to take your money.
We then went to the magnificent Reed Flute Caves,-these were beautiful. We then climbed Mount Die nCai the highest mountain in Guilin.
Tonight we have been to a demonstration of the cormorant fishing- we took a boat out into the river--the reed boats are lit with lanterns-the birds have a string tied round their necks so that they cannot swallow the fish - very interesting..
tomorrow we fly to Shanghai