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Elaine and Peter’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 28 Sep 2011

Location: Shanghai, China

MapShanghai is proving to be more expensive than London!

The city is very westernised. We are glad that we have spent time elsewhere so that we can see the real China.
Our visit this morning, took us to the Shanghai museum. The highlights of the exhibitions were the galleries displaying the ancient bronzes and sculptures.
We also loved the ethnic exhibition-here we found costumes of the 56 ethnic groups, each with their own subgroups. How do they find the time to embroider those clothes made from all kinds of materials.
After lunch we took the speed lift up one of the tallest buildings in Shanghai, the Jinmao tower. It was only 88 floors high but the lift took us 420 feet in 45 seconds. The panoramic views of the river were worth the visit.
Next door is another building to be completed in 2015, scary how rapidly this is going up- this is reputed to be the next tallest building in the world.
The foundations of these buildings were also scary! As were the window cleaners suspended so far above the ground!
The next adventure today was the train ride to Putong report aboard the Maglev train. This is the only train to run on a cushion of magnetism. It was a fantastic ride. We got up to a speed of 431 kms per hour - it took us 7 minutes to do 30kms, by road the same journey is 1 and a half hours.
On the way to dinner tonight we stopped off at an area called Ye Shanghai. This was another world and we could have been anywhere in the world. This was a slum area 10 years ago. Jackie Chan bought the land from the government and has redeveloped it to preserve the area- it's full of very upmarket restaurants and shops, very modern and expensive.
Dinner was something else. We went to another part of the old city for. Hot pot meal, we each had a small induction hob set in the table. wearing pinnies fastened round the neck which really suited the men, we cooked our own meal, from a selection of meats, fish and vegetables. Great hilarity!
Tomorrow we se off for Suzhou for one night, then 2 nights in Hangshuo before returning for our final night in this hotel before we all leave for different locations. Where did tht time go. We have seen so much we shall need this blog to remind us of where we have been and what we have seen of this intriguing and fascinating country.
This hotel has free wi fi-the first we have found so we will be able to complete our stories about China before we set off for Dubai.