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Elaine and Peter’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 14 Feb 2012

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

MapThere's something rather special and civilised about sitting at the water's edge in the hotel's quayside restaurant, enjoying a sunny champagne breakfast, whilst watching seals playing about ten feet away.
This morning came news of the cyclone hitting the east coast of Madagascar today, which has caused severe storms in central Zambia may be wet.

Today here has been hot and sunny.
We have taken a tour of the Cape Peninsula. There have been several splendid lookout points built into the cliffs, all of which overlook the whitest of beaches.
Our first viewpoint was overlooking Camps Bay, followed by a stop at Houts Bay. From a distance, the bay looks so picturesque, but at close hand it was a working harbour..from here you can catch a boat to the seals colony which we passed en route.
It was sad to see even here the young men sitting by the side of the roads at intersections waiting for employment offers.
We then drove to Chapman's Peak where the views were stunning. The best was still to come however.
What a place the Cape of Good Hope was!
The landscape of the national park was bleak and windswept but on this sunny day it looked like paradise.
We took the funicular railway up to Cape Point and then climbed up to the
Lighthouse for panoramic views of the coast and the Cape of Good Hope.
We didn't expect to see much wildlife but we passed all sorts of creatures..two types of antelopes- the eland and the bontebuck; the gibbons running across the sandy beaches and later running along the side of the road; even the pair of female ostriches near the beach were quite a surprise.
We continued on round the peninsula stopping for lunch at Simon's Town before going onto Boulders, the penguin colony. This was certainly the highlight ..or so we thought at the time!
We returned to Cape Town late afternoon and headed for Table Mountain. We headed unto the gondola station to find that the rides had reopened ...third time lucky for us.
It is n't very far up to the top but one novelty- the floor of the gondola revolves to give all round views to everyone.
Table Mountain did not disappoint. The panorama was great as there was no cloud to be seen and the high plateau affords superb views of the surrounding area
Tonight has been the Valentine 's dinner which has also been our last dinner together. We have had a lovely night with new found friends..this has been a good group which seems to have gelled right from day one.
The holiday for them is over tomorrow.. it seems a little one is ready yet to go home.
But we still have things happening to morrow.