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Elaine and Peter’s Travel Diary

Friday, 07 Sep 2012

Location: Moab, USA

MapWe set off this morning for Moab. And easily found route 50 which lead us to interstate highway west 70 which took us into Utah- to another change of scenery, semi desert and barren mountains -and the weather continued to be very hot.

We thought we had seen the best of the scenery for the day...but we were wrong.

We left the motorway at Cisco for route 128, the Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric highway. This was a narrow windy road through semi desert. It was described as a scenic highway but here the word scenic takes on a whole new dimension. It lead into a red rock canyon area ...just magnificent.

What a place to have your picnic, by the Colorado River underneath red rock overhangs at a place called Hittle Bottom.

Moab was our final destination where we intended to stay for three nights; at first glance the town was disappointing but the area will make up for that. We unfortunately had landed on a three day music festival weekend! So the lodges had all raised their prices....even the price of the petrol was higher here; but the Bowen motel was cheap and clean.