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Elaine and Peter’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 26 Sep 2012

Location: Las Vegas, USA

MapThe north strip adventure today.
We walked through the lovely Bellagio again, and found a great gallery of fine art displaying the work of Richard McDonld. His sculptures are 20000 dollars plus but are just superb. He is fascinated with the grace and beauty of the dancers/ acrobats of the Cirque du Soleil stars. He really captures the athleticism of the artistes. What a fabulous collection of work.
On a more common level, we caught the deuce bus at Ceasar's palace to the Wynne...this is a very upmarket hotel...the foyer is beautiful with a display of pomanders of fresh flowers varying in size from the huge to the fist size. The shops here are very expensive so you could not browse in the likes of Gucci or Alexander McQueen to name a couple! It's a very exclusive hotel and so much of it was inaccessible.
We walked from there into the Venetian and this was just lovely. It's a replica of Venice with the Grand Canal running through the middle, you can hire a gondola and the hotel resonated the singing of the gondoliers, guess which tune!
There is a lovely patisserie here, a good place to wile away a half hour. We went back to 'St Mark's Square' where there is a costumed song and dance performance,/scheduled each hour.
Pete is a little bemused by the number of times per 100 yards that he is offered telephone numbers of call girls ( even when I am by his side) who can be in his room in 20 minutes. We cannot make out what they expect me to do if he takes up their offer!!!!
We crossed the road to Treasure Island and decided that the hotels were beginning to look alike at first glance as after the lobby,there is the inevitable dimmed casinos. Apparently there is never a clock in these so people can't time their gambling!
Again here as elsewhere we noted the separate reception areas for 7*, platinum and diamond clients. Not us!
We walked onwards stopping at the Forum Shopping Centre, done out in the style of ancient Rome. We stopped at the Atlantis fountain where there is an animation on the hour - the fountain opens up as the gods appear, a bit naff at first but the
fire and water display was very enjoyable.
We came back via the Paris hotel and enjoyed a much needed beer in a replic of a Parisian bar. Our feet were really hurting by this point.
Tonight we went to see the Cirque du Soleil performance of 'Love'. The theme celebrates the music of the Beatles...the energy of the cast was indescribable. You could hear the audience gasp every few minutes. The thunderous applause and standing ovation at the end said it all really. Phenomenal. We were speechless.
Talk about rubber bodied and skill.
The tumbles, acrobatics, dance, roller blades, on everything from trampolines to Chinese poles to elastics to ribbons, were expertly supported by vibrant lighting and projections. Each seat had it's own loud speaker system.There was archival footage and recordings cleverly woven into the action viewed on wide screens either side of the arena. The stage was circular...another plus, we didn't know where to look,so much frantic action on stage and in the air.
We now know where Danny Boyle got his inspiration for the opening ceremony for the Olympics...artistes with umbrellas pirouetting through the air at incredible speed, weird contraptions and vehicles darting across the stage, even the bed for the children to use as a trampoline....strange creatures bouncing on elastics and zip wiring across the stage..and that stage, kept appearing and disappearing in sections. An amazing show.
And we have ten days left of this holiday, it surely cannot get any better than this.
After the show, we went outside the Mirage hotel to watch the free show of the volcano erupting, on the our every hour in the evening. This was pretty
spectacular too.