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Elaine and Peter’s Travel Diary

Monday, 27 Jan 2014

Location: Puerta Natales, Chile

MapSouthern Patagonia is a dramatic wilderness of emerald fjords, vast ice fields, rugged peaks and windswept prairies. Such a lot of the area is untamed and sparsely populated. The weather was just as dramatic but the clouds cleared when it mattered. We couldn't get a clear shot of the mountain tops which was a shame.
The Torres del Paine National Park was another gem. There is an array of near vertical jagged spires which rise up from the flat pampas below. Awe inspiring!

The cluster of granite peaks and needles are backed by expanses of ice fields.
The scenery was stunning, more so in changeable weather..... lakes, (some emerald and some grey!), waterfalls, wildlife. Yet more condor, rheas, parakeets, owls, cormorants, black necked swans, flamingos to date amongst other numerous species of birds, but no pumas or armadillos up to now. There were plenty of guanacos, supposedly shy and discreet, preferring to come out at night...someone forgot to tell them about their reputation .

We had to drive quite a distance to reach here but it has been such a lovely day. The area is outstanding and it must rank as one of the best in the world.

On the way back, we stopped at the Natural Monument of the Milodon Cave where we found a replica of the remains of a 12 ft high ground sloth, which was a bit bizarre.

A remarkable day.