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Elaine and Peter’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 28 Jan 2014

Location: Puerto Varas, Chile

MapWe feel that we have left the bleak inhospitable end of the world and flown back into civilisation.

We flew 800 miles ish north to the Chilean Lake District, landing at the small but posh and spotless Puerto Montt airport.

Our stay is half an hour away at the lovely lakeside hotel Cabanas del Lago. Our room is on a corner of the building, and nearly two sides are window so that we have a sunny panoramic view of Lake Llaquihue.

The climate her is temperate but is much warmer than we have experienced at the southern most tip of Chile.
The rainfall is high in this area which is why it is so lush and green, but the forecast for tomorrow is good so fingers crossed as we are to the volcanoes!

One point for travellers. If you pay your bills in US dollars, it is cheaper as you don't have to pay taxes. You would think it would be the case with pesos, but not so!!