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Elaine and Peter’s Travel Diary

Friday, 25 Jul 2014

Location: Windhoek, Namibia

MapHello everyone,

What a way to start the holiday!

We loved the upgrade experience to business class., both the lounge and the flight. The plane was a jumbo and the business class section was in the 'bubble' upstairs.
We did feel a bit special and made out that we do that all of the time!! We did feel very lucky to have such a nice start to the holiday.
Food, service, lie in beds ..all great. Jonathan ergonomically tested the beds for BA so if I have a bad back, I will go knocking on his door!

We arrived late at Windhoek as both flights were delayed and then had a twenty five mile drive to the hotel through dry scrubland ......I suspect it will become much more inhospitable as we travel round the country.
It is warm and sunny here and windy, hence the name.( The weather forecast is for 14 degrees ) tomorrow..hmph.... Our tour bus is a bit of a laugh. It looks a bit like something that Del Boy might have.

Our trusty ( we hope ) form of transport is taking us off to wine tasting and dinner in a short while before starting our tour tomorrow by travelling south. At first glance, Windhoek is simply a stop over.

Communications systems are not good at the moment, we have no mobile phone and wifi is not common and is not free so I will do my best to keep my blog going.