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Elaine and Peter’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 21 Jul 2015

Location: Exmouth, Australia

MapWe thought the heavy overnight rain would scupper our plans for today but we were very lucky as it had cleared by early afternoon. We were picked up about 3 ish to go on a whale watching trip at Ningaloo reef. The boat went from Tantabbi boat ramp. We had to climb aboard a ten man dinghy for our transfer out to the boat, which was a bit hairy.

The trip with Ocean Eco Adventures was great value for money. We took our own wine but the 'gourmet platter' and Exmouth prawns provided were excellent. We saw a pod of dolphins on the way out past Ningaloo Reef but the exciting bit was to come with the sighting of the several humpback whales. Magic.what a lovely way to spend an afternoon, out on the ocean, supping wine amidst such magnificent company.

Ningaloo reef is the main migration route for the thousands of humpback whales which pass by here. It is in fact the main migration route for the largest humpback whale herd in the world.
There is an abundance of food on the coral reefs so they stay and mate and calve in these waters. The reef is a resting point before the countless pods continue on their journey down the coast to their feeding grounds in Antarctica. And we saw just a few!

Another highlight, on the way back we passed three kangaroos in the road, they gave our bus driver a start.