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Elaine and Peter’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

MapWe enjoyed the short drive to the state owned Lahemas National Park today. It is a landscape of Baltic flint, peat bogs and vast forests.
Dotted here and there are small villages and historic Manor Houses. We visited the lovely Palmse Manor House and the Sagadi Manor House before going for a most delicious lunch at the Vihla Manor House.
Most of the houses are wooden and were built or taken over by the Russians. After the war, the Russians nationalised all of the property. The owners were put in flats where the rent was minimal. Space was rationed, with a single person gettingba one room flat.
As the natural resources belonged to the state, gas and electricity were virtually free
Our last stop was to Kasmu a fishing village on a lovely little bay, very picturesque but a hard life in the inter months particularly.
We visited a fascinating museum run by a family who still live in the building.
According to legend the godfather of the village was a captain called Kasper. He escaped a shipwreck in the bay, and so built a chapel here, so the place was called the village of the Captains. Most of the captains on the north coast were from this village. Today there are a hundred people living here, none of whom are fishermen. Most of the fish have gone from here. The disappearance was said to be due to the coming of the Russian military and vessels. Their sonar killed off much of the fish but also, going out by boat was greatly discouraged and banned fishing as it was thought by the Russians to be an escape route!