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Elaine and Peter’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 13 Sep 2017

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

MapOur last day before catching the bus to the airport tomorrow. How quickly has that gone!

We have spent today doing a mixture of things. We still have to be constantly reminding ourselves when walking around that we have to watch out for bikes which shoot along the cycle roads, can be a bit scary. And there are hundreds of bikes. But to date we are unscathed.

We wandered along more unknown streets this morning before getting back on the hop on hop off bus to get to the Stadhuset, the city hall. This building made from an astonishing eight million red bricks, dominates the northern shore of the bay and is a stark but imposing building

Early afternoon, we boarded the wooden steamboat to tour the archipelago. This cluster of islands numbers 30,000 islands and islets in total and becomes more rugged the further out into the Baltic that you go.
The boat's berth was situated on Strandvagen which is one of the most prestigious streets in the city. It is a wide boulevard and there is a certain air of grandeur about it as you wander along. On one side is the quay where we found our boat.
The islands themselves house picturesque, well preserved wooden houses mostly from the turn of the nineteenth century, painted in delicate pastel tones.
They were once the summer houses of the rich but now the extremely high cost of buying the property coupled with the building of new bridges to connect the islands making an easier commute to the city, has seen many of the people living here all year round.
It was a very pleasurable way of spending the afternoon.

None would ever pretend that Stockholm is a cheap place for the tourist but it is certainly a city of contrasts and is one destination that is well worth the visit.