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Elaine and Peter’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Location: Paracas, Peru

MapIt was a little disconcerting to hear that representatives of the army had been wandering round the hotel last night. This morning, the square and the kerb outside the hotel was full of rapid response police and there in the lobby sat the minister of justice!!!!!

A bit of excitement short lived!

We took the plane from Arequipa to Lima, flight lasting an hour and a half, And then the bus took us four hours done the coast to the lovely Hotel La Hacienda, supposedly voted the best luxury resort in the world by Trip Adviser. We were glad to have left, another bigger strike in Arequipa today, and this is a more militant area so maybe we would not have been so lucky. The journey was not what we expected, the south coast is a strange mix of barren desert and teeming sea. It is a parched landscape but with the icy air of the Humboldt current is richly endowed with an opulent supply of marine life. Much of this is protected in coastal reserves. We took the Pan American highway through smallish fishing ports, which were smelt of fish leaving the coast a bit of a dump on the outskirts of Lima. Plenty of shanty towns.
Then despite the aridity of the land, agriculture thrives thanks to centuries old systems of irrigation underground water suppliesthe landscape panned out into fertile fields of crops with chicken farming, plenty of irrigation needed here as the fields were in amongst the arid desert dunes.

The hotel really is la lovely resort style place, a nice place to stay.