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Elaine and Peter’s Travel Diary

Friday, 12 Oct 2018

Location: Volgograd, Russia

MapFew places on earth can have had such an enormous influence on the history of Stalingrad or Volgograd as it is now called.
The modern city sprawls for 56 miles along the riverbank and should serve as a warning against all future military conflicts. The city today is surrounded by the rough wilderness of the southern Russian steppes.

It is an important industrial centre noting aluminium, oil, shipbuilding, chemical production and car manufacture amongst its products. It is also a huge transport hub.

It was here that a bloody battle of the Soviet Red Army finally turned the tide against the seemingly invincible Nazi Germany. But the history lesson was for tomorrow.

Today we had a short orientation walk through the city centre with a short ride on the underground trolley tram system! And again here, I had an adventure with getting trapped in the doors! Fortunately we have no more underground rides!