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Elaine and Peter’s Travel Diary

Friday, 19 Jul 2019

Location: Denali, Alaska, USA

MapToday we caught the Alaskan Wilderness Train for the four hour ride to Denali.

We were very surprised to see how luxurious it was in premium class, a double decker train with a glass domed roof on the top floor over a nicely appointed restaurant.

We enjoyed the journey as it was a pleasant experience and the group was full of banter, but it was a disappointing ride from the point of view of the scenery which was very monotonous for the first three hours with forest after forest of black spruce trees.
There was much hilarity however and shouting when we saw two moose way into the distance.
How children will play.
The last hour of the journey was alongside the Nenana Canyon which was quite picturesque.

We arrived too early to get to our hotel so we went to the Denali village. A big mistake. Full of overpriced tack from tourist driven businesses, which has earned the place the name of Glitter Glutch.

Our hotel is fortunately ten miles out of the park which is a lovely set of lodges. It has started to rain in the last hour so we are pleased that we did not book a flight!
But we are hoping that our land tour of the national park tomorrow lives up to expectations.