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Elaine and Peter’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 23 Jul 2019

Location: Seward Alaska, USA

Well our luck with the lovely weather finally ran out today here in Seward. We have had heavy rain today and 62 degrees much to the relief of the residents who want it to help to extinguish the forest fire which has been raging in the peninsula for a while.

We spent the morning in the Sea Life Centre on the waterfront before finding a nice cafe in the old railway station called Zudys where we had lunch.

We met up with our group to take a three hour cruise along Resuurrection Bay. It was unfortunate that the clouds were so low obscuring the lovely snow capped mountains and glaciers along the fjord but we did see some wild life minimal though it was. The elusive whales did just that and eluded us today so we were out of luck.

Tomorrow we leave to return to Anchorage, our last destination for a holiday which seems to have passed very quickly.