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Elaine and Peter’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 24 Jul 2019

Location: Anchorage, USA

The rain has stopped this morning, overcast but dry as we set off back along the Seward Highway to Anchorage, stopping along the way at the Alaskan Wildlife Sanctuary.

We found this quite a sad place In a way.

It is a rescue centre for orphaned or injured Alaskan animals, black and brown bears, moose, musk ox, wolves, Arctic fox, Sitka deer, bald eagles, porcupine, lynx.
If the animals are brought to the centre as cubs, they said that they cannot be released into the wild as they cannot be taught the skills to survive, not too sure about that, but at least the animals have been rescued and they survived. There seemed to be much plodding around the enclosures however!

Just a short drive from here to Anchorage where we had a city tour to finish off the day. We had a brief stop at Lake Hood which is really a mooring place for the float planes. Two thirds of Alaskan towns and cities are inaccessible except by plane so a lot of people have pilot licences. To moor here there is a sixteen year waiting list! The planes wheels can be exchanged for skis to land on snow and floats to land on water so all destinations are within reach.

We have checked into our hotel for our last night, and are off to find a place for dinner and then back to repackage our cases and hope it all fits in. Dirty washing seems to take up more space some how.

So this is the last entry, thank you all for sharing our holiday with us again: we will return to your glorious weather and the lovely Boris Johnson tomorrow with some wonderful memories of the places we have seen.