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Elaine and Peter’s Travel Diary

Friday, 28 Feb 2020

Location: Campeche, Central America

We left the rain of the rainforest to travel a very long way over to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

It was dry and bright although very windy on the coast but the waters looked grey and not the usual aquamarine as we are told it usually is.
That couple with the litter along the coastal road certainly did nothing to enhance the place to us.
We had lunch outside the fishing village of Chapoton which was interesting because of the numerous pelicans sitting on every structure where they could find a perch. Apparently there are huge numbers of birds and dolphins here because of the multitude of catfish in the waters so plenty of reason for them to stay and breed.

The lunchstop hotel though empty was lovely however. Whilst most went inside for seafood, we sat on the beach and had a picnic after a quick paddle in the Gulf of Mexico.

It wasn't long after this that we arrived in Campeche for an overnight stay. Not impressed with this city either or the hotel which though convenient to walk to the centre is by a busy road so it is very noisy. A bit of a shock after the lovely rainforest resort.

'This city is know as the Fortress city of Campeche. It was built with defensive walls and bastions. Once it was the main port to export timber and roots to Europe for dye making so it's prosperity grew and grew. So much so that it's waters became a target for pirates, hence the need for fortification.

So off to find somewhere to eat!!