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Jill McCracken’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 06 Jan 2011

Location: Paris, France

MapFeeling very Zeppelin

In Paris, it rains. We have not encountered any weather of note except rain! To be expected, I suppose, but I already miss the snow in Ottawa. I will have to buy a sturdier umbrella because we have encountered winds that flip your umbrella inside out (in addition to the pelting rain). As the Canadians struggle to adjust, the beautiful Parisian women just walk by unfazed.

Yesterday we decided to explore our surroundings again, this time we traveled to Chinatown, which is one arrondisement to the west. Blvd. Kellerman is lined with twisted and mangled trees that look like they're straight out of Tim Burton; they are strikingly beautiful.

I had a taste of my first Parisian croissant from a small bakery and it was heaven, buttery heaven. On our way back to meet a friend at the house, we tried the tram but obviously got in the wrong door because there was no place to deposit our tickets. Apologies to the city of Paris for accidentally cheating the system!

After exploring Blvd. Jourdan a bit more in depth, we discovered two more grocery stores that we didn't even realize were grocery stores! Taking a second look is now highly recommended. We made our first dinner in the floor's communal kitchen and met other students living in the house. What a diverse bunch! Thank-you to Gabriel, Daniel, Leah and the Swede for the wine and grocery tips. As we later discovered, the floor kitchens are also a great place for a party. Despite the rain, our community is starting to feel like home....