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Jill McCracken’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 12 Feb 2011

Location: Paris, France

MapPre-Valentine's Day gifts from the Quebec boys

Today Kaslyne & Emily C. woke up to find two red roses tied on their door. We did a bit of detective work but could not discover the identity of secret rose admirer. I had my money on the Italian, but Stefano was as confused as ever when we asked him about it. We had all but given up on our search until we ran into Vince who exclaimed "Tabernac!" when he saw that the roses intended for Sarah and I had been stolen from our door! Our Romeo's secret identity had been discovered, but he was one of two conspirators. We listened to the carefully detailed plan where conspirator #2 (Alex) had tied the flowers to both doors specifically at 4 in the morning so they would not be stolen. But alas, we do live in a crowded residence so it was agreed that someone was probably drunk and stole our flowers on their way back to their room. Not to fear, we waited for but a stunned moment in the hallway and the boys bounded back with two fresh red roses for Sarah and I. What charmers, these Quebec boys treat us so well. Such a sweet gesture for a rainy, dreary Saturday in Paris. Merci beaucoup Vincent and Alexis! Happy Valentine's Day everyone.