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Jill McCracken’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 03 Mar 2011

Location: Paris, France

Map1st Concert Experience in Paris

True to form, I had to get out to a concert in Paris so I set up an outing with some friends from the house to see the Swedish pop band Peter, Bjorn and John. Yes, that's "PB & J"!! It was a free show because they were promoting their new album so we knew that the venue would get pretty full pretty quickly. We went SUPER early in order to nab a spot. Christina, Emily C. and I traveled to the 11th right after our Architecture walk and talked to the promoters at the venue ( who said that lining up at 8pm would be a smart idea.

We had time to kill in the 11th, which is the working class village of Belleville. It was pretty quiet so we popped into a vintage store and poked around then had a scrumptious dinner at a bagel shop. I haven't had smoked salmon and cream cheese in a few weeks so it was a welcomed choice! The proprietor was really nice and just chatted away with us - it was a great meal: big fat bagel, chips, coleslaw, a soda, and a brownie! Well worth the trek to the 11th for an afternoon. With still time to spare we stopped into a happy hour for 1 euro glasses of wine, then into McD's for a caffeine jolt. We met up with Mat on our way to the venue and met with the other Gillian from the MEC.

The venue was absolutely packed - sardines squished into a too small can!! The opening band was local (French) and not very good, but PB&J were quite lively. It was a great show! There were more English folks there than French people; I met some Americans from Vermont and some Aussies. Then I chatted with girl from Finland who is here working as a waitress while she is in acting school, pretty neat! We liked the aspect that it was free and easy to get to using the metro. Home by 12 and in bed for class the next morning! Here is a link to PB&J's song "Nothing to Worry About" My concert bug has bitten though......I need more. Stay tuned.