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Jill McCracken’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 09 Mar 2011

Location: Paris, France

MapSending out a very happy birthday to my favourite Swede: Bonne fête Johan!
Even though we were dead-dog tired and sick, Sarah and I went out on a very LONG adventure with some new friends (the fake physicists). I shall explain....

We were out at the Great Canadian Pub to watch the Habs game the other night (against Tampa) and we met two guys who were staying with our friend Steph at the MEC. We got along really well and kept seeing them all over the place, in the kitchens, in the halls, etc. At the pub they told us they were here for seminars in astro-physics. I'm totally gullible so I believed them. Maybe they thought they could get away with it, but when we continued hanging out with them we figured out that they are hotel and restaurant management students from Montreal who were just finishing up their internships in the Alps and decided to spend a week in fake physicists Renaud and Alex.

After our film presentation on Wednesday, Sarah and I were planning on having a nice long nap and then doing some homework. With a bit of pestering from Renaud though, we decided to do the touristy thing with them while we had the afternoon off and we had some great companions. I'm so glad I did!! I crossed off a ton of items from my list.

First we walked to the Luxembourg Gardens where we sipped hot wine and watched the old guys play a mean game of lawn bowling. Then Alex got his Mario Kart on when he saw a go-cart track for a euro fifty, it was quite humourous to see a twenty-one year old racing with seven year olds. Priceless. We wandered around a bit more and saw the kids racing sailboats in the fountain in front of the palace. I will definitely go back here again with a good book :)

We wandered up to the Pantheon and sat on the steps considering all of the great men buried there. Continuing along towards St. Germaine, we passed a few of the University of Paris buildings (the 3rd), then continued to Cluny. Then it was on to Montmatre. We had split to buy a bottle of nice champagne and we took the Metro all the way up to the top of the city. Sarah and I kicked ourselves for not traveling up there sooner, there were fabric shops on every corner that we could have used for our costume design project. Shoot! We grabbed quiche and fruit for dinner then climbed up to Sacre Coeur and sat on the grass for dinner. The views were breathtaking. You can see the entirety of Paris in one glance... Sarah and I teared up a little bit. Of course it isn't just that we were on top of the mountain or that we had had a good day, it was a good cry of "I can't believe I found a good friend and I can't believe this is where I live"...... A bit of "oooh, foof!" from the boys though and we were back to reality. We had a bit of romantic champagne and then toured the cathedral before taking a very long metro ride home to the MEC.

What a day!