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Jill McCracken’s Travel Diary

Friday, 11 Mar 2011

Location: Paris, France

MapGood morning!

My retroactive Reading Week adventure diaries from Italy are finally posted on the blog. Sorry that I take FOREVER to do anything.

Had a lovely chat with Uncle Dan and Aunt Marsha the other night, welcome to the blogging and Skype world Bones! I'm so happy that you're tuned into my adventures. Received a beautiful birthday card from Aunt Gayle and Uncle Joe today, thank you very much for the sentiments! I do intend to have a happy birthday, it is all a surprise for me because my roommate and friends have been busy little bees keeping the plans all a secret. Actually, I was just kicked out of my room and had to close my eyes while leaving because there are secret birthday plans happening in there. More about turning 22 when it actually happens....

Sending out a Happy Birthday to my father Brian, can't wait to have a mini-celebration when I get home to Canada. Will date squares go with the wine I sent him from Chianti?

* Just posted photos from my excursion to the Paris Carnival with friends from the MEC. We're really just big kids that went to a parade to avoid doing homework. Enjoy the photos.

Much love,