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Jill McCracken’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 02 Mar 2011

Location: Paris, France

MapArchitecture Tour - March 2nd

We started at Place de Chatelet and viewed the Conciergerie over the bridge. It turns out that <<chatelet>> means 'little castle', so when Louis 6th built a home there and called it the Grand Chatelet it was sort of an oxymoron. It was used as a prison. Being in jail didn't mean that it was your sentence though, it was just your holding place until the trial. The castle was intact until 1802 and then it was razed by Napoleon the first. At Place de Chatelet, the column is a military battle monument to victory. The imperial eagle sits on the column. The Italian and Egyptian fronts are celebrated by the 4 sphinxes at its base. On either side of the square there are two theatres, the Theatre de Ville and the Chatelet Theatre.

* The numbering of houses was done in 1805, until then they were referred to by the main shop on the street. When homes are on a street perpendicular to the river, #1 is closest to the river and the numbers go up as you walk away from the river. On streets parallel to the river, numbers go up in the direction that the river flows. Odd numbers are on the left and even numbers are on the right.

Passed the Cemetery of the Innocents which is where the bones in the Catacombes are from (1786).