katherine’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 20 Apr 2005

Location: Georgetown (West coast), Malaysia

MapThe most crazy 19h jouney from Koh Tao to Georgetown (Malaysia) started with a night boat. Two decks both about 1.5m from floor to ceiling. We were directed up to the top deck where there were two strips of foam down either side of the boat. At (very small!) internals along the wall were numbers and under each was number a pillow. Was so surreal, I had to take a photo! Sixty of us were squashed in like sardines and as you can image i didn't get a wink of sleep! Was lovely to feel the boat swaying and looking up out of the windows at the stars.. Certainly an unforgettable journey!

Not explored alot of Georgtown yet, as it is just a stop over for us on the way to KL. Lots of little cafes and bars lining the streets, but trying to experience everything so eat at the little food stalls by the side of the road, while watching the traffic and locals go by..