katherine’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 24 Apr 2005

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

MapWow, it is amazing to be back in such a developed and industrialised city again!
Day 1:
Set out with a map and successfully managed to find various landmarks and places of interest. Went up the Petronas Towers (tallest in the world) and saw the most fantastic view across this amazing city! Got lost in the vast shopping centres and lazed around in the park. Seeing the city at night is just magical. Our hostel has a open rooftop with lovely seating areas and plants, so Vena and I sat up there and breathed it all in. Wonderful!
Went to Bukit Nanas Recreational Park, which turned out to be a small area of Tropical Rain Forest! After observing the 'WARNING Dangerous Species' signs we had a leisurely walk under the canopies and tooks some wonderful photos of monkeys jumping around in the trees! Haggled at the bustling markets in Chinatown and got the monorail to Times Square shopping centre - 10 floors and houses a Theme Park! Managed to get on most of the rides before having to run back to the hostel before the rain started (monsoon season here!) The thunder is so loud and the rain is so heavy, it creates the most intense atmosphere, but also means you can get soaked to the skin in about 1 minute!
Went to KLCC Park, and as it's Sunday, I sat under a tree and read a book for an hour or two! Visted a wonderful Photographic Exhibition, and a Mosque. You can do anything in this city!

(Spoilt ourselves and got a lush VIP bus from Georgtown to KL - just couldn't face another rickety minibus!)