katherine’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 28 Apr 2005

Location: Singapore

MapI've had a great frw days in Singapore, exploring it using the amazing MRT which is so clean and quiet! Visited the beautiful Botanical Gardens and went on a night safari which was actually really good (not a big fan of zoos). The animals were in a really natural habitat and we had to look around and spot them - big cats, giraffes, rhinos, bats, wolves - amazing!
Went to the Swiss Hotel last night and sat in the bar on the 71st floor and sipped cocktails while gazing across the city. What an experience! Then went to Raffles Hotel and had a Singapore Sling cocktail - felt like a really tourist!
The city has a really good vibe to it - very multicultural and very colourful! Glad I spend a few days here and caught a glimpse of it!

So I am leaving SE Asia tonight, and going tp The Land Down Under! Despite the intense heat, the uncomfortable journeys, the noisy geckoes and the crazy driving, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here! And here are some reasons why:
-The food is fantastic. Well prepared and tastes wonderful!
-Mastered the art of chopsticks - will be a pro at Mizu!
-Very generous measures of alcohol!
-Everything is so inexpensive - food, transport, accommodation..
-The local people have been generally very friendly and patient with us.
-Beautiful Palaces, Temples and Mosques
-Wonderful and vast countryside
-Bustling, vibrant markets where anything and everything can be found!
-Beautiful clear, blue seas with awsome marine life.
-Haggling - Got the hang of it now and really enjoy it!!

It really has been the most wonderful month here, full of complete contrasts. It has been vibrant, noisy and a lot of fun! I will certainly return one day and explore more - 1 month just isn't enough!