katherine’s Travel Diary

Monday, 16 May 2005

Location: Airlie Beach, E Coast, Australia

MapHad a much needed recouperation in 1770 (town named after the year Captain Cook discovered it!). Really nice little place inhabited by laid back friendly locals with a real Aussie attitude to life. Chilled out in the lovely hostel, but managed to fit in a hilarious scooter ride around the town (never ridden one before, but now feel ready for The Hell's Angels! Saw some very cute kangeroos (and joeys) and the sun setting over the sea. Thought I'd be a true Aussie and even tried a spot of surfing. Not quite a surfer chic yet, but will keep working on it!!
Next stop Airlie Beach (halfway between Rockhampton & Townsville on the map) where we went on a 3 day sailing trip around the WhitSundays (islands off the E Coast). On the first night we sat on deck watching the sun drop out of the sky, which turned the most amazing colours, then millions of stars came out. Fabulous! Sat sipping my plastic beaker of warm boxed wine and though how lucky I was! During the day we saw the most beautiful beaches - won't bore you too much, will get photos up. As it is jellyfish season we had to wear a stinger suit in order to go in the water, felt very James bond! Can't even describe what the snorkelling was like. Never seen so many brightly coloured fish and coral, and even saw a few Nemos!! It was great to be on the yacht, however the weather was so calm we didn't actually sail very much!
Back in Airlie Beach now absolutley exhausted. Will spend the day by the lagoon and then head on up north.