katherine’s Travel Diary

Monday, 23 May 2005

Location: Townsville, Australia

MapJust had the most wonderfully relaxing five days on Magnetic Island, just off the Coast of Townsville. Really lovely little community where the bus driver seems to know everyone and drops them outside there homes. All the locals were really chatty and interested in what I was up to and took great delight in telling me it is 28C and winter!
The island is in the Great Barrier Reef, so hired some kit and went snorkelling in one of the bays, seeing lots of lovely fish and coral.
Thought it would be a great idea to challenge myself to a walk yesterday. Most of the island is National Park, with various trails cutting through it. Set off on my own at 3pm into the Rainforest, after reading the sign about dangerous species. Immediately started hearing strange noises and calls, and seeing things scurrying about in the foliage. Getting a little scared, started walking faster, which was quite difficult as the trail goes up the side of the mountain, and I'm not really as fit as I should be! After an hour of climbing, and fortunately not being attacked by any wild animals, I reached to top and the view was just incredible. Well worth the nervous treck! The mountainside is covered in huge granite boulders and hoop pines. You can see most of the island and all the little bays from the top. Fantastic! :) Arrived back at the hostel at 6.30pm absolutely exhausted!
In Townsville now for a few days and staying in a really quaint (and cheap) little hotel built in 1905. Absolutely loving Australia, and can't understand why the British sent the criminals here, and didn't come here themselves!