katherine’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 05 Jun 2005

Location: Alice Springs, Australia

MapJust arrived at the hostel after the most fabulous 3 day tour from Darwin, south to Alice Springs. Started in Litchfield National Park visiting waterfalls and swimming in rock pools. Little incident involving a giant goanna while sunbathing, but managed to avoid it! I asked the driver to stop in at a town called 'Katherine' so I could get out and have my photo taken in front of the road sign. Really funny seeing my name all over the shop frontages and had to buy a novelty tourist keyring of course, and a copy of the 'Katherine Times'! Canoeing in Katherine Gorge was fantastic, and certainly a workout for my weedy little arms! Saw fantastic rocks called 'The Devils Marbles' - huge red round rocks in the middle of the desert. Glowed a wonderful colour at sunset..
The bus ride was amazing too. One long straight flat road carved through the desolate Australian landscape. Saw many sunrises and sunsets, kangaroos and turtles. Absolutely wonderful experience, however did enjoy the long hot shower when I got to the hostel in Alice springs!