katherine’s Travel Diary

Friday, 17 Jun 2005

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapIt is truly winter in Adelaide. Shopping for a hat, scarf and gloves in June is just wrong! A day trip to The Barossa Valley for wine tasting both warmed and cheered me up! Visited four wineries including Jacob's Creek. Swirled and sniffed and felt very sophisticated. Might actually read a few of the labels before I pick up the cheapest bottle in Salisbury's in future..
To treat myself even further, we visited Haigh's chocolate factory, for a free guided tour. As soon as we walked through the doors that lovely coco smell hit us. Free samples and cups of tea - what a blissful afternoon! :)

Twelve hour train journey (yes, another!) and we are in Melbourne. Very exciting and vibrant city, but also strange as feels so much like London - there's an Eltham, Chelsea, Tottenham, and Richmond. Will spend the next few days exploring, and will of course be going to the Neighbours Night ;)