katherine’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 21 Jun 2005

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapReally enjoyed the atmosphere in Melbourne - surprisingly relaxed for a busy city. Managed to fit in so many exciting things into my week here - Shopping, a Comedy Night, a Meditation Class, a Casino, and even met the Neighbours (Toadie, Connor & Dr Carl)!
We planned to go to an AFL (Australian Football League) game, just for the novelty. Arrived at the stadium and queued up for a ticket. At the front we admitted to the man that we didn't know anything about AFL or where to sit. He replied "You do realise it is Rugby League tonight" Oops! We bought a ticket anyway and watched the Melbourne Storm get thrashed by the Sydney Panthers after a great build up of cheerleaders and mascots. Wrapped up in scarves and hats, drank hot choc and cheered along - it was such a great atmosphere!
We also took a day trip along the Great Ocean Road which was stunning. The coastline consists of beaches, cliffs, caves and arches (a geographer's dream!). I was the only one on the tour to volunteer for the helicopter flight over the Twelve Apostles (fantastic collection of limestone stacks). I had the pilot to myself and managed to keep him chatting in order to stay up in the air for a few more minutes ;) It was just fabulous and I'm so glad I did it!
Will be a little sad to leave the city and this lovely suburb of St Kilda in which I'm staying, there is just so much more to do here!