katherine’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 25 Jun 2005

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapThe flight to Sydney took just over an hour. The plane had just finished it's ascent, when it started it's decent. Very strange!
I'm staying with some family friends in Sydney which is just wonderful. So nice to have the luxury of a home and not be woken up in the middle of the night by snorers!
Had an explore of the city with Elvena and a lovely girl we previously met in Cambodia. Did all the touristy things including the Botanical Gardens, and Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Sat in a cafe opposite the Opera House and drank cappuccino, thinking 'This is so surreal!'. I have to say though, up close the Opera House is a little yellow round the edges- could do with a good scrub down! The city is wonderful - it has an amazing mix of old colonial buildings and parks, dwarfed by glass skyscrapers. It was great just walking around, getting ourselves lost and finding little shops and markets. I can certainly see why so many British come over and settle here! Tempted to do the same myself... :)

We took the (double decker!!) train out to the blue mountains yesterday and had a rather unsuccessful time. The mountains are named after the blue mist that often surrounds them. However, yesterday the mist was so thick it completely obscured them! (Check out the photo!) Managed to catch a glimpse at one of the three sisters and that was about it. Stood at the view points to see a wall of white mist!! I'll just have to come back and see them again in the summer ;)