katherine’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 14 Jul 2005

Location: Nelson, New Zealand

MapBack in Taupo for a few days, I went for a rather long hike with a lovely girl -Katie who was staying in my hostel. We walked a few ks to Huka falls and what we though would be a few more ks to some amazing mud pools. It took hours! And when we got there, it started teeming with rain! After meeting many travellers and heard tales of hitchhiking, we decided to try it. We stood, sodden on the side of the road and stuck out thumbs out at the first car to go by, and she stopped! Lovely kiwi lady insisted on taking us all the way back to our hostel! :)
Christchurch was amazing- so busy and vibrant, in complete contrast to the sleepy towns I've been staying in. Watched the 3rd Test (All Blacks vs British & Irish Lions, for those who aren't rugby fans) in a lovely little Welsh pub with 2 Welsh guys from my dorm. Had such a great time! The following night two of the All Blacks came into the hostel bar! Couldn't believe it!
I got the ferry from the North to the South Island, which was wonderful as it went right through the Marlborough Sounds. Just beautiful! Currently in Nelson and planning to do a lot more hiking (or tramping as they call it over here) putting my walking boots to good use!