katherine’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 23 Jul 2005

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

MapWell I've been working my way down the west coast of New Zealand. Just beautiful! Have to keep myself awake on the journeys because I just can't miss any of the amazing scenery!
Stopped at Franz Josef on Monday for a half day glacier hike. It was fantastic! Huge hiking boots fitted with talons to grip the ice, and then straight up the vertical face of the glacier. A lot of hard work but so surreal and amazing. We had a very enthusiastic kiwi guide who decided to see how far he could take us before it started getting too late. Went a lot further than planned, crossing bridges over deep ice canyons and walking through ice crevasses - just fantastic!
From Franz, the next stop was Queenstown - ski city. Undeterred by others telling me that learning to snowboard is very painful, I decided to try it as I'm trying new and exciting things at the moment. A friend of mine took me out to The Remarkables, strapped a board to my feet and preceded to teach me on the baby slope. I spent the first half hour trying to stand up which is a lot harder than you would think! Once on my feet, I actually managed to pick it up quite well. Very off putting when little children sailed passed me looking like pros though! After lunch he thought I was ready to go onto the green run. Ahh! Trusted his judgement and hopped onto the ski lift. I can't say I made it down the run particularly gracefully, but at least I didn't break any bones! Went home feeling very pleased with myself. However, the following day I couldn't move! Every muscle in my body was aching and my bum severely bruised! I've now had two days off and heading back up onto the slopes tomorrow. It is so much fun, and I'm determined to get good at it! I'll be on the black runs in no time at all :)