katherine’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 31 Jul 2005

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

MapI got quite settled in Queenstown, staying for over a week with a lovely group of people so was quite sad to leave! Next was Dunedin which is such a studenty city. I went for a walk around the beautiful University grounds. The streets surrounding the campus are lined with crumbling houses with sofas in the front gardens and beer bottles lying around. Ah, I miss those student days :)
Lake Tekapo was amazing. We arrived late afternoon so I had to march up Mt John in order to get back down before dark. A beautiful part of NZ - right in the centre of the South Island surrounded by The Southern Alps. When I opened the curtains the following morning there was the most stunning sunrise behind the mountains - the sky light up a beautiful shade of pink. Grabbed my camera and ran down to the lake front in my PJs!
Now in Christchurch and plan to have a good explore of the city before my flight to the Cook Islands of Friday..