katherine’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 18 Aug 2005

Location: Rarotonga, Cook Islands

MapI am hot, tired, and covered in bites and scratches, but just had the most amazing week! I noticed a poster in the hostel in Rarotonga advertising for people to work on a clam farm in Aitutaki (northern island) in return for bed & breakfast. I promptly booked some flights with some others in the hostel and went over to the beautiful island. Mike was lovely - we worked for 3h each day at the clam farm, which involved a lot of wading around in the sea. Such fun! Then spend the rest of the day sunbathing on the beach. A few days later he asked if he could take us to his family's island (Tekopua) which is completely deserted, in order for us to help clear it. The next day I was on the most idyllic island with 10 other people. We literally made the first footsteps in the sand. It was just fantastic, and completely surreal. We worked for a few hours each morning and spent the afternoons attempting to swim to other neighbouring deserted islands! Each night we cooked on the fire and slept under the millions of stars. It was just the most amazing experience. It still hasn't sunk in! Lots of fantastic photos to show you all.. :)