katherine’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 11 Sep 2005

Location: Victoria, Canada

MapI met Dad and Maureen on Wednesday, who have flown across to Canada to see me/for a holiday. Really great to see them both, and funny to see familiar faces again! They've taken me to some nice restaurants where I have shamelessly eaten like a starved backpacker!
We set off on Thursday for a whirlwind tour of Vancouver, seeing Stanley Park again and the totems poles there. We walked across a suspension bridge spanning a river valley and rode a gondola up Grouse Mountain. From the top we could see right across the city. Beautiful weather and stunning views. There are grizzly bears living on the mountain but they hid from us, so had cheesy photos taken with a bear statue!
On Friday we got the ferry to Vancouver island to the city of Victoria which is just wonderful! A place I could really see myself living in! We went Whale watching and saw lots of Orcas (killer whales) and explored the city which is very quaint - beautiful old buildings and lovely harbour. Really enjoyed my stay and didn't want to leave. Off on a tour of the Rockies tomorrow. Finding it very strange being able to relax and leave all the organisation to dad! :)