katherine’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 22 Sep 2005

Location: Niagara Falls, Canada

MapThe Trans Canadain Railway was quite an experience, boarding in Jasper in the west and disembarking in Toronto in the East. It started well with a champange reception served as we pulled out of Jasper St (yes, we went first class!) We were able to see the wonderful views of the Rockies through the class-topped carriage. Amazing! The food was wonderful. Breakfast lunch and dinner every day (yes, the journey took 2.5days). However by the end of the first evening I realised that everyone on board was over the age of 70 or a train geek (my dad in the latter catagory). After the Rockies we passed through the Canadain Plains. Grass. Trees. Grass. Lake. Trees. Hmmm. 2.5 days. Lets just say I got through a lot of gin and tonics!
Toronto was fantastic. We went up the CN Tower (tallest in the world) and had lunch at the top while being spun around. Very la de da. Loving being a tourist instead of a traveller for a while!
Drove the hire car down to Niagara falls. Did very well, although nearly put it into the central reservation when I looked over and saw the falls 100m away! They are just amazing! Did all the tourist stuff like going in a boat underneath them and getting soaked etc.
Said goodbye to Dad and Maureen this afternoon. It has been wonderful being with them for 2 weeks. I sent them off with a suitcase full of my stuff, to free up space in my back pack for NY purchases!! :)