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AlexLewis’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 29 Jan 2011

Location: Thailand

Map So far I have watched three movies, "Charlie st. cloud", "Social Network", And "Going the distance". I ate a weird noodle dish, which I think was beef...or dog, a side of bread, shrimp cocktail,ceasar salad and an oreo brownie. The wines unlimited, suprisingly I didn't order one glass yet. I have had 7 cups of green tea and 2 cokes. Smells like baby formula and plastic in here. I have a massive headache, but im not complaining , i have the whole row to myself, 4 pillows,and 2 blankets. I had a friend but she went to the back of the plane to find her own row. Her name is Theresea she is in her upper 60s, short black hair and huge glasses. She is from Hong Kong and shes my new mother. She has already gave me a card, her dvd player with a movie to watch, her address,gum, and a hug. Theresea keeps coming over to check on me and see if i like the movie, even though i saw it twice already but i love kung fu and i also find IP man very sexy. As i write this i started to listen to Animal Collectives live set from their european tour. I wish i was there when they played in France in the middle of a field drinking wine with my loved ones. Ha! this little boy keeps staring at me and smiling, i think he has a crush or because i am the only white person, wait thats a lie theres three austrailian guys 2 rows back from me, when i use the bathroom i walk slow so i can listen to their accent. I want a hot accent! "Wine miss?" screw it, yes please. I cant stop thinking of the one I left, I miss him so much. Oh great they are playing a sad will smith movie, "the pursuit of happiness." I actually like this movie, but its going to make me cry for sure and thats what i am trying to avoid. Theres a father feeding his infant behind me, she is so mall and delicate, no bigger then the table infront of me. So strange to be that small then get big then small again then die. Thereasea gave me a card that says" seasons greetings" and inside were two pictures of a beautiful young woman dancing. She told me the pictures were of her and my jaw dropped. I aksed her when these pictures were taken and she said, "many many years ago" thats when i began to cry and thats when i recieved a gentle hug from her. I dont know what shes saying to me 80 % of the time , but i understand her completely. I feel like i know her and i get her. Everytime she speaks to me i just laugh and smile not knowing one words she is saying, yet i know exactly what she we are talking about. Thats just wonderful. Life is wonderful. I am so excited for this journey, i only live this life once right? Until the next. Well I guess i will watch Will smith and his annoying son , he should have just stayed in Bel Aire.