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AlexLewis’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 30 Jan 2011

Location: Thailand

Map When I landed in Toyko it already seemed like a different world. I was amazed. I had to run to catch my connecting flight to Bangkok, and got the worst seat ever! I sat next to a huge man from NY of course(who stole my arm rest),and a japanese man who kept coughing. I had probably the 3rd worst sleep in my entire life. Anywho, when we landed i was ready for anything! I got off the plane and walked down the stairs outside to the buses that take us to the airport, smelled and felt exactly like Florida. Wow. I miss Florida.Get on the bus, get to customs, standing in line and guess who I see? Yup a guy I use to work with when i first moved to NY, he was traveling alone like me but he was going to go clubbing the whole time in thanks. I get my Thai money then head to a pay phone, there two dutch girls approach me and ask if i want to share a hotel with them in Bangkok, I say no I am going to Pattaya.I get to the taxis outside and I remember Larry saying dont do this and its dangerous, but I do it anyway! I get in a taxi and he was the nicest man ever. We drove and drove and drove. I felt so happy. There was a huge fire on the side of the road and I asked him if thats normal and he explained that its the dry season,theres fires everywhere! We reach the condominium and it was gorgeous. Larry and his wife Sakuna came outside and were amazed I was alive. Larry told me i was so lucky to get such a nice taxi driver and told me all these horror stories about missing people and robberies. But, little does Larry know, I have an angel with me at all times. His place is SICK, super big, three bedrooms with huge bathrooms in every one, and a huge wrap around balcony over looking the ocean. We had some beers and then I went to sleep. Next day I awoke to the sound of chirping birds and weird jungle sounds. I took a shower and enjoyed a cup of very strong coffee. Larry,Kuna,Al, and his girlfriend all sat around and talked about the plan of today. We all decided on breakfast at this place called Noodle soup then a beach called saikwai 30 mins away. We get in the car and Larry and Al (long tim friends) bicker the whole way about Larrys bright yellow shirt and Al's quote "f--k shit cargo shorts". Kuna just laughs and makes fun of them, shes great. We get to the restaurant and its nothing like i expected. It was outside, smelled good but very weird, millions of peppers roasting in the sun, and two huge bowls of soup. I was ready for my first Thai meal, no more over priced trendy NY restaurants that played radiohead and my server was a girl i knew from working at a bar with. The food came and it was awesome! The spices were fantastic and spicy, woke me right up. After, we hopped in the car and drive to the beach, also a military base camp and school. We get there and park the car and get into the back of a pick up truck with built in wooden seats, very safe for drinving up and down a huge mountain with dirt roads! It was fun. We arrive at the beach and wtf! So many white people! Kuna said they r all russian and these boats called, "tail boats" drop them off from their resort, I was very upset but didnt let it ruin my beach time. I was in awe of what my eyes were finally seeing in real life, not just a picture on someones desktop. I started to walk towards my old childhood friend ,then jogged, then just ran, I jumped in and she hugged me like never before, its been so long since I felt her all around me. I grew up with the ocean and the fish and the sand and the seaweed and the salt, they all hugged me as i swam and Ohhh ive missed them so much. I stayed in the water for a while, It was pure joy, will never forget that moment. I went back to my towel and fell asleep. Later, we all awoke from our beach nap to about 1,000 young troops marching through the beach. I stood up and by that time all the russians had left,and I was the only one person on the beach. Kuna said to sit, and she was right. 1,000 army guys marching through were stunned by me, i never felt so special to strangers. They were all in a daze and gasping. I just smiled and waved. Al and Larry joked I should take a picture with all of them, so ...i did. Kuna asked them if they would and they all ran to me, surrrounding me, holding peace signs and smiling SO big.It was so amazing! Best picture ever. People saw this,and the whole beach began to run over to take the picture too and then take a picture with me. I felt like a movie star! We jumped on the truck again right after I snapped a photo of the cutuest dog sleeping in the sand. We drive through MORE troops, i waved and they started to chase the truck! It was crazy! I'm not going to lie, I felt on top of the world. We left the beach to go and get some dinner. We went to this market and there was a place to eat inside. I of course ordered Pad Thai...the REAL one. Larry got some crazy spicy shit, I tryed it and my tongue went numb for about an hour after that. After a dinner that costs all of us (4 people) combined, $20 usd, we grabbed some beer. Kuna and Larry saw a friend out by the scooters and said hi, I felt like I was in Florida. We get back to the apartment and I witness these little garages with clothes and girls getting their hair done in them, called "factories". Factories are where girls go to get all dolled up for the clubs and get dat ca$$$h from old ass dudes who cant get it up! HAHA, ew. There's a lot of that over here, I swear I saw some guy make out with a Thai infant, haha JOKE. So tonight is the night they take me to the "walkng strip" its a place with insane clubs, drinking, crazy techno, trannies, europeans, and a lot of ecstasy. I was excited and pumped! Trannies and techno what could be better?! We all took showers and layed around until we had to go, then I found myself in my bed...passed da helll outttt! I woke up at like 5:30 and saw that everyone was in their room sound asleep, so much for the clubs. I couldnt sleep so I went on the balcony and went online. The stars were out and the breeze was cooling. My feet were bare and my mind was empty, the only thing that could enter my mind were thoughts of joy and comfort. I was at ease with my myself, we were finally friends. I talked to the one I love online for a while and realized how much I really missed him. I cried, but not from sadness, but from happiness and a knowing that I am living my life for once, nobody elses just my own. I had closure with some demons at that very moment, not all, just some and thats fine. Now I am writing this blog and watching the sun rise, beside me there is a carton of Thai apple juice, and lays chips(seaweed flavor). Today I will have another adventure and this time my best friend will be joining me...myself.