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AlexLewis’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 03 Feb 2011

Location: Thailand

Map Wow. Chickens,buffalos,bare feet, children driving scooters,huts,buddishts,temples,mountains,pigs,bug
s,and huge lizzards. I am a district outside of the province of Chaiyaphum. It is a small district, which makes me grateful for all the things I have back home and take advantage of most of the time.

My journey started at around 8 AM, I had about 3 hours of sleep and didn't know if I had a dream of all the lady boys and sexsexsex in Pattaya or people really live like that. Kuna and Larry stumbled out of their bedroom and I followed(drunk) them to the car. Ill skip some parts of the story(boring) and I got on the bus. I walked up the stairs and went to the front where my seat was, put my things down and took in the view(huge window infront of me). I was so excited and ready to leave the sex trade life style. I sat down and thats when I met someone that I have been an expert on avoiding my whole life. Her name was fear. She looked like me, acted like me, talked like me, laughed like me, but was not me. She is afraid of everything adn will do anything in her power to control me and avoid the unknown. She said," oh my god, theres baby flies everywhere, you cannot go on this bus, this is a insane, you are insane, you are wrong and stupid, go home, leave, this is not you, you are in danger, run." I confronted her and just laughed and said,"shhh, quiet please." She shut up for the whole 6 hour bus ride. I slept most of the way and when I arrived, I arrived in a thrid word.

I was told to call a woman named, "AUM" when i arrived. She took about 5 minutes to pick me up from the Chaiyaphum bus stop. She was very shy and ...weird to be honest. We got to her house where I would get an introduction to my school, my homestay and Thai customs. The house was nicer than most and SHOULD be because I later found out that the money I gave($325USD) to the Volunthai program is NOT given to the school(who need it most) or any of the villagers(some sleep in huts), but to THEM. I am just going to stop and write down my feelings real quick to vent, Volunthai is bullshit. Anywho, I get settled in and eat dinner with the family who are very very nice, but didnt say a word really to me. I was shown a map of the district and we practiced some Thai words for a while. I went to my room and tried to fall asleep but the image of a worm entering my ear and laying eggs that hatch and eat my brain kept creeping in my mind haha.I took an ambien,good goodnight. I woke up to a rooster screaming. When I came out of my room the father (who i like the most) was alone sitting and reading a newspaper, we talked for a bit about Asia and whats going on over in Egypt. He told me my homestay host and teacher would be picking me up in an hour, 2 hours go by and they arrive, just the begining of Thai people, an hour means two. Teach Ben and her mother arrive, dressed up to the T. Very nice and sweet. Ben is 31,short,pale,black long hair,braces,a teacher at the school and my host, her mother just came for the ride. We get in the car and Ben tells me in her soft gentle voice, "car need fix, take long time, we go mall, shopping with mae(mae means mom)." I just smiled and said ok no problem!

So we get to the mall called, "tesco" its a huge mall and Thai people love this shit. Ben dropped me and mae off to shop and mae kept repeating, "shopping with Mae,shopping with Mae,shopping with Mae!" I laughed my ass off the whole time.I bought some earrings and presents for people back home. An hour goes by and Ben comes back and then we eat. Nobody talked at the table, i then asked,"So when will the car be ready?" Ben just nodded her head and smiled. I then knew I would be there a long time. 4 hours go by. The car is done.

We get in the car and load all the 8 bags of shopping Mae did(loves to shop). I get comfy and ready for a jetlag nap. We stop. Ben says," need new tires". Awesome. The tires were changed in about an hour, then we go shopping some more at a quick stop, then again at a rest stop, and then again to look for a washer and dryer. At this point you can say I was pissed/tired as hell. We FINALLY get on the road and an hour and a half later reach my new home. It looked like a crack house, something you would see on the side of the road in detroit. The door opens and its actually pretty nice, very clean. Thai people are all about cleanliness and their tiles. All thai home no matter how beat up it appears on the outside, the tiles on the floor inside are the most beautiful tiles you have ever seen.

"Hello, Welcome!" OMG! an Ameircan voice, thank the lord. OUt from a room an older couple, David and Jo lynne approach me and welcome me. They are from New Hampshire and the sweetest people I have ever met. They were traveling through Asia and they actually met on a trip to Asia . Very sweet. We talked for a bit then I took a shower with a hose like object,brushed my teeth, went off to my bedroom, and fell alseep on my hello kitty covered mattress.