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AlexLewis’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 03 Feb 2011

Location: Thailand

Map TIME FOR SCHOOL!!!!! I woke up so excited! I am not allowed to wear anything that shows my knees, shoulders, or toes. I got dressed in an outfit nuns should wear, got my teaching books and walked with Ben to school. The Thailand anthem played loud as we walked to school with many students, who laughed and bowed their heads to me. We got to the school and my eyes were huge. I was so happy. All the children were staring, laughing,smiling,and bowing their heads at me. I met the other volunteers in the teachers lounge. By the way, all the students before school stand in the courtyard in lines infront of a stage where teachers talk and say the anthem. A girl named Tiffany from france who spoke english better then me, 22 years old and fun. Jeremy from Switzerlan,25,adorable and goofy. We talked for a bit until Ben pulled me aside and told me i had to get up on stage ifront of everyone and give a speech. I felt a rush of excitment and my face turned red. holy shit. I got up on stage and embarassed myself. I said,"Hello! My name is Alex, I come from America, thank you." Then I gave the most dorkiest, retarded laugh ever! If i coul spell it, it might look like, "HHUUUUOOUUUUUAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" into the microphone...smooth. Everyone laughed.

My first class was with Tiffany and it was just insane how the school system works over here. No discapline, no consequences,no rules, no ...NOTHING. The teachers reminded of myself when I was about 15, I would gossip, sit around, do nothing, not show up to class, make up exscuses, go to the bathroom a lot, fix my hair, and not give a shit. Thai teachers are that. There's a saying here, " just do as the Thais do...nothing." The education system here does not exist. While kids were supposed to be in their classrooms, some didnt show up,some were playing football,some where eating, some were chilling outside,some where just walking out of classrooms, and thats totally cool. Why the hell didnt i go to highschool here?! I would have loved this.

You would have to be here to really understand what its like, I am a lazy writer so you wont get much out of what I am trying to convey. All you should really know and care about is that my nickname here is," Kroo Suay" which means beautiful teacher ;)