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AlexLewis’s Travel Diary

Monday, 07 Feb 2011

Map Wow! a semi hot shower! finally had one this weekend at a very nice hotel called, "Pima Hotel" in Kohn Kean, hotel only cost 1000 baht per night(30USD). Tiffany,Jermie,and I all needed a break from the country side for a night. Kohn Kean is about 3 hours away from where we stay. Benz had to take Dave and Jo lynne to their next homestay and two older people and an annoying dog that wouldnt shut up to ...i dont know,some other town. So all 9 of us squeezed in her tiny pick up truck, of course I sat in the back of the truck with Jermie, the older couple, and the dog that would not stop staring at me. I feel really bad for the dogs here, they are all so mangled and skinny:( Poor babies. Anywho we left around 7 AM and I had no sleep the night before, I tried to sleep in the back of the truck but the mountains and air were far too beautiful to sleep through.

We arrive in Chiayphum to drop off Dave and Jo lynne and catch another bus to Khon Kean. We say our goodbyes, and grab a snack. I will tell you now, I have never had a better donut in my life. There is a place called Mr. Donut here and I am obsessed! Theres this donut thats shaped like a flower with pockets of delicious sugary dough inside, I had like 4. The bus ride sucked, kareoke screaming in my ear...screaming! We get to the hotel and I just wanted to take a shower and go to bed forever. Nope! MALL TIME. The mall they have here is gigantic. We shop, get our hair diiid(blonder now) and meet up with tiffany's friends, Yoki,Pek and his girlfriend. We ate at a pizza restaurant and it was weird, gotta love them shrimp,squid,seaweed pizzas! We finally leave and go back to the hotel to nap and watch dramatic thai soap operas, either that or men who look like woman singing in a band or thai girls with no clothes on singing so strange about candy and god knows what. Very entertaining.

Time to go clubbing! We meet everybody at this place called,"U-bar." This club was a typical nightclub, you've seen one ,you've seen them all. We had a bottle of whisky and I bought everyone shots to start some conversation(awkward silence will kill me). The music was not too bad, cheesy hip hop remixed with horns and lyrics like, "shake dat ass, shake dat booty gurrl, get the shots out, take yo clothes off", you know normal club music. What was cool to see were the bands that played live, i think about 4 came on stage and each one rocked it! All singing in Thai, but it was catchy and fun! I tried to get up on this table to dance and failed miserably. I was in my dancing zone and i guess i like to climb things when i get excited? Reminded me when I used to go clubbing in Miami with Amanda,Mikeala,Katie,Carolina, Tara and other girls in highschool. We were so young and dancing on tables, drinking, wearing short dresses, and being in situations I will never let my daughter get into at that age. Weird how Im so young now but I already did the club scene, we were in South beach at the age of 16, partying...HARD. Now, im an old hag who falls off tables and drinks red wine.

We leave the club and I am beyond tired at this point, but of course where theres a club, theres a drama. Yoki's friend was talking to her ex who cheated on her after 7 years and blah blah blah....DRAMA. Conversations were mostly in Thai but drama is universal. Finally we all get back to the hotel and I pass out!

Next day, eat breakfast, get ripped off by the hotel and everyone else because were white. We get in Yokis car and leave. The drive back I felt my stomach starting to hurt and got depressed, the first sign of me being in a depressed mood will always start with my stomach hurting. I just thought of everything that I feared in life and unanswered questions and my mind was just all other the map. I tried to control it but it would not listen, so I just let it be. The more I try to put up my best fight, the bigger the war, so now I just let it be(or try to). We got home and Tiffany and I listened to music,talked,and watched Indian music videos, which are AMAZING. Time for bed. I crawl into my mosquito net bed and think of all the things I am grateful for and all the things I miss and all the things I hope for and all the things I want and all the things I cant have and all the things that dont matter and all the things that do matter, so many things I wonder about. I wonder why I wonder, I wonder why I cant just be fully in the present moment, I wonder if my mind will ever shut up, I wonder and wonder and wonder and wonder and wonder off to sleep.