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AlexLewis’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 09 Feb 2011

Location: Thailand

Map I wish I had more money. I am so not done with exploring Asia, but im like broke and its time to go home and get my life together. I do miss NY, I miss brooklyn a lot, thats my home. I wish the weather and beaches could be in Brooklyn, that would be amazing. Ah! there is the biggest wasp circling my desk, GET AWAY FROM ME! Well i wont miss wasps, thats for suuure.

Im typing on Tiffanys computer and its french so forgive me if I have a bunch of typos, i do already with an american keyboard so whatever. Today is an OK day, its very hot,im very tired,and i feel kind of just blah. The lack of sleep is getting to me. I cant sleep well due to five reasons:

1) There is a real live dragon(pretty big) lizzard in my room that laughs and makes weird sounds.

2) Id like to say theres about over 50 spiders in my room alone. They just hang out and stare at me and i wake in the middle of the night thinking they are either in my ears, legs, or any hole i have thats good for a spider to lay eggs.

3) I have the worst allergies here and my face is bigger then my body,my lips look fake,my eyes are smaller than a rice grain and full of water, annnnd i cant stop itching. I think i look pretty hott these days.

4) My time difference is jacked.

5) the screach of a rooster combined with a dogs bark and cats in heat are not soothing to any ear.

But on a much better note, im falling more and more in love with my students everyday. The light up my life. I had a breakthrough with a student of mine who is the worst, hes so bad and never sits still. I finally sat down with him and taught him the lesson one on one and gave him all the time in the world without judgement to let him figure the lesson out. I treated him as a friend, not a bad student, but a friend that that I am trying to teach something to. All he wanted was attention and help. Thats what every child needs, they just want your time and patience,most teachers forget that.

After my class I went to play soccer with the boys and show them how its done! I used to play a lot and I have 4 florida state championship trophies to prove it! So, i was pumped and ready, I am a goaly, so i get in the goal, i took the ball to punt it and of course my shoe flys farther than the ball and hits a student in the arm, everybody died laughing. I am not as good as i used to be i guess. Its so hott out so i only play for a few, but i realized how much i really miss soccer and tennis. I need to get back into that ASAP!

Ok this wasp is out of control haha. I later had some lunch with the teachers and I wasnt interested in anything anyone was saying, i just wanted to play with kids, adults suck. I heard music from a distance and ran from the table to this huge room with mirrors and instruments everywhere. There were children playing guitar,bass,bongos,and a weird asain flute thingy. I got my camera out and started dancing, they loved it, they all looked so happy, made me happy. Then i got in on the bongos, they taught me how to play and now im a pro at the bongos, just like matthew mcconaughey(once arrested for smoking weed and playing the bongos too loud naked in his house,amazing).

Im so over everyones bullshit, not just here but in general. I mean, im in thailand teaching children and having the time of my life and people still manage to piss me off. I will never understand why people are so miserable and talk about other people for no reason. All the teachers here are just getting to annoy me, in a way that i feel like they are all my daughters and i need to send them all to their rooms. I am in the countryside of Thailand, i never expected to come into a materialistic, racist, highschool world. Can i give you an example? I grabbed a tissue from a tissue box and one of the teachers freaked out and said i needed to ask then 2 minutes later a thai woman grabs a tissue and nothing was said then i was laughed at and they began to gossip about it. WTF? Umm... you guys are all around the age of 30, you might want to atleast consider getting a life to focus on. Theres many more things, but I wont go into detail here because this blog is to explain my expeirence and I just dont think it deserves to be remembered.

Well, its time to go to my last class and get some yummy pineapple!

All my love to you all.