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AlexLewis’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 12 Feb 2011

Location: Thailand

Map The bus ride took 6 hours, I felt like I was in hell. The buses drive like maniacs here and they have no mercy. The kareoke was so loud, i still dont know why they blast music all day at school, malls, buses, markets, and even some beaches! Enough with the sad soap opera Thai music, its so dramatic. Its all about love triangles, she loves him but he loves her sister then she gets hit by a car and he feels bad and one kills herself. No wonder all the girls are obsessed with their looks here! INSANE. Wheres the happy love music?! Oh, and heres some advice for anyone traveling on a bus through Thailand: NEVER EVER USE THE BATHROOM ON THE BUS. I'll just leave it at that, you dont want to know what I saw and smelled in there, I actually dont even know what I saw and smelled.

Finally get to Pattaya, Khuna and Larry pick me up and all I see it traffic! Apparentley everybody from Bangkok goes to Pattaya to club and go to the beaches all weekend,I felt like I was on 42 street and 7th avenue in NYC. The energy was awesome! Everyone was ready to let loose and have a good time. We headed home and I took a REAL shower and passed out on my bed.

Next day I woke up refreshed and happy! I couldnt wait to eat food and relax. We go for breakfast and I get yummy green curry with of course some "Arroy Mak!",(means very delicious in Thai) Thai ice tea! my favorite. We talk about going to the tiger zoo to feed baby tigers, but I was feeling alil ill and didnt want to walk around at a zoo all day in the hot sun, plus it was saturday so it would be crowded.They decided I couldnt leave without seeing something called, "The Sanctuary of Truth." This place is a huge building all carved from wood. All different religious sculptures are carved inside, outside, on,under,and everywhere. There is not a spot without a religous face. I was stunned how big it was, 300 feet wide,long,and tall. There is not a single nail, all the wood is connected to eachother almost like a puzzle. They have been building it since the 1908s and it will take another 15 years to finish. It symbolizes that all religions are the same and all should result in love and not war, it was beautiful.

As we walked back to the car to leave, I saw a bunch of elephants. You can feed them for 30 baht. I took some bananas and started to feed a huge elephant, i swear it was a dinosuar. I was so freaked out, i never came that close to an elephant before. I looked in his eyes and he was so sad, they say elephants never forget, I hope he never forgets me. I was petting his head and massaging his tusk, I looked down on his ankle and a huge chain was tightly wrapped around him, so sad.

We then head home and get ready to go out dancing on walking street. Walking street was crazy that night. Its all good fun when you dont pay attention to whats really going on. So many people in my face with menus of sexual pictures and things i could chose from to go see in some nasty apartment down an alley. Everything from under age girls to having sex with midgets, i tried my best to ignore all of it. We had a great time other wise, this place called Lucifer was so much fun, I danced on stage for hours. We ended up at this place call Mixxxx and I found myself again...dacning my ass off on stage. Every bar we went to(about 100) I ran past everyone and jumped on stage and danced,thats what i like to do. I got lost for about an hour inside at one point, had no clue where the exit was or where the hell i was.Mind you, this club had 4 different floors. I went up stairs and went down clue, so i danced some more alone.It was pretty amazing, the clubs here are wonderful. I finally find everyone and we stumble home.

This morning, everyone was dead from drinking too much. I just went to the pool all day and took in the view and air on my last day here. I thought about all the experiences i had here and wondered when i would be back or if i would be back, i hope so. I cant explain in words everything i went through and what it really meant to me. All i can tell you is that I will never forget this and I couldnt be happier and more proud for myself. I had so much fun, met people I was meant to meet,and met a whole new world.

I leave for the airport soon(leaves at 5:45 AM) and I am actually excited to get home. I need to get started on many many things and I couldnt be more ready. Thank you Thailand.