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Bec’s Travel Diary

Monday, 07 Feb 2011

Location: Japan

MapSo I made it to Tokyo! The Volcano in the islands off the south of Japan decicded to erupt again whicn meant the flight path had to be changed. Not a problem, except we didn't have enough fuel. A 10 hour flight became a 14 hour flight, but I can somewhat say I have been to Manilla!

However Backpacking Lesson one:
DONT board a flight never having picked up your backpack. I CANT CARRY the damn thing without some serious pain and difficulty. Can't quite imagine how much fun people must have watching me try and lift it.

That said, I was PETRIFIED about the thought of the train trip, but a very lovely Japanese man helped me with the map at the train station, and then gave me a hand drawn map of all the station's until mine, and the time in between -Not having a watch, any idea where I was or was going, and with pretty much everything being in Japanese characters, he's probably the only reason I made it to the hostel.

The hostel is in the most lovely little part of Tokyo. It's in Asakusa which has the most beautiful temple and this huge maze of streets and laneways lined by little shops, restaurants and bars. I haven't ventured very far out of here, but last night went to the most amazing boutique beer pub which had 70+ beers on tap. Architecturally (!) it's all much more western than I thought. It's amazed me how intuitive everything is, which I am very grateful for!