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Lauren & Georgia’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 05 May 2011

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

MapRelaxation and exploration. The two tasks that were required of us today. We decided to have a sleep in this morning so we would be feeling refreshed. Woke up about 8am, some wouldn’t call that a sleep in but I think I am still running on Australian time. Had a wonderful buffet breakfast at the hotel, for some reason I think my hope to lose 6kg over the life of my holiday was wishful thinking.

As Georgia and I have visited Kuala Lumpur before, I took on the task of Tour Guide for Mum and Dad today. First stop – Times Square. Australia has nothing on the shopping centres in K.L. Times Square is amazing, 15 levels of shopping as well as a theme park and a bowling alley. No doubt you could spend a week exploring this place. Luckily I have booked us a room at the hotel above on the way back.

Second stop – Petronas Twin Towers. To experience the view of these towers at night is absolutely breathtaking. It is one of my favourite sights in the world. The way the towers light up with the parkland below is beautiful. However, today was still day time and we had yet to experience this sight, so like any other tourist would do we explored yet another shopping centre. Suria KLCC to be exact. In search of a sushi restaurant Georgia and I fell in love with when we were last here, we stumbled across a Taiwanese restaurant. We decided to wave the white flag and have lunch here. It was a totally different experience to anything we had ever tasted. The one thing that makes Kuala Lumpur so great is how cheap everything is. Our lunch comprised of a soup, three side dishes, a main dish as well as a bottle of water for approx AUD $10 each. This was still expensive in comparison to other places we could have dined at.

Georgia and Dad decided to walk home through the parkland while Mum and I caught a taxi. Bad idea. The Taxi Driver decided to rip me off by RM15. That isn’t much, equivalent to AUD $3 but it was the fact that he did it. I didn’t take it lying down. I told the Concierge at the hotel as he was opening my door. That was when World War III started. I never got my RM15 back but hopefully he will learn not to rip off tourists again!

After a few cocktails and beers around the pool we are about to set off for Chinatown. More fried food for dinner I am anticipating. The plan is to then head up to the SkyBar at Traders Hotel where we stayed last time we were here. This is where Mum and Dad will get to experience a “must see before you die” sight. After a few more cocktails Georgia and I will be heading out to what they call nightclubs or discos. I haven’t been before so I am not sure what to expect but from names such as “The Beach” and “Aloha” I think we might be visiting party shacks rather than multi-million dollar clubs. Only time will tell.

Lauren x